Access NZ’s top student talent and internship opportunities

Access NZ’s top student talent and internship opportunities

List your internship project and get access to our database with all the information you need to know about the students, or the internships you’re looking for.

Students are prepared for employment through our bootcamps

We run free bootcamps for students that are designed and delivered by local industry, including a series on popular programming languages, digital design, and soft skills.

Students are prepared for employment through our bootcamps

Companies pitch their internship projects

Showcase your internship projects and meet the talent

Companies pitch their internship projects and mix and mingle with the students at our Meet and Greet night. We also facilitate speed interviews to help you scout the talent.

Make an offer and place the intern of your choice

Come October, job offers are made. Our website manages this process for you so all employers get an equal opportunity to recruit the candidates of their choice.

Come October, job offers are made


Get access to the freshest high tech talent New Zealand has to offer.


Find fresh local tech talent

Our student database and networking events allow you to scout the NZ’s best talent already prepared for employment thanks to our bootcamp series.

Showcase your company

Showcase your company

Your chance to get in front of a bunch of potential future employees and the wider local tech community.

Invest in the next generation

Invest in the next generation

The mentorship you invest will not only give the student interns valuable experience, but they could become your long-term employees.

Summer of Tech 2014 is CLOSED for this year. We’re planning for a bigger and better Summer of Tech 2015 in Wellington and Auckland.

In the meantime check out our Summer of Tech infographic to find out how awesome Summer of Tech is !

Summer of Tech 2014 in Numbers


Get in touch about our customised packages

$500 +GST

Access student profiles

To list your first internship project, a fee of $500 +GST is required, giving you access to all student profiles in your region.
To list an internship project in another region an additional $500 +GST is required.

$1000 +GST

Success fee

Payable per intern you place upon signing an employment agreement.


Intern wage (minimum)

Employers are recommended to pay interns a minimum of $20/hr, other employment terms are negotiated with the student
Internships are typically full time hours for 12-14 weeks during Nov-Feb.


For a more detailed breakdown of our calendar, login or sign up!


Employer Launch Event

This is an important event for companies to learn about what Summer of Tech does and how we can help you find the most suitable talent. Register your interest on the website so we can send you an invite. This event is relevant to key decision makers, as well as HR and technical leaders in your organisation.



Hackfest is an exciting event where teams of students compete to solve a technical challenge. Companies who sponsor this event are invited to attend and see the students in action!


Speed Interviews

At Speed Interviews we get as many students as possible into a room, so YOU can conduct 10 minute interviews to suss out who’s got what it takes to work for you this summer.

November – February

Summer Seminars

Look out for our lunchtime “tech-talks” throughout summer. A great chance to catch up with the wider Summer of Tech community, upskill, and get networked. Oh, and there will be a few parties and celebrations along the way.

May – June

Student Registration & Bootcamps.

Register on our website asap so you don’t miss out on invites to bootcamps. We recommend that you attend as many of these sessions as possible to increase your chances of securing employment. We help you build an online profile that companies will browse to shortlist you for job interviews.


More Bootcamps

The second set of bootcamps will delve deeper into technical skills. Tech gurus show you how code works in the real world. Attend to increase your chances of impressing companies and securing a place at Hackfest.


Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet is an event for all participating companies and students, where you get to pitch yourself as an awesome employer and meet students face to face for the first time.



In October the offer period begins where you make an offer of employment to the student you would like as a 2014/2015 Summer Intern. This happens on our website where all employers are given an equal chance to secure the student of their choice.


Get valuable work experience for NZ’s most innovative companies, and get paid for it!

Paid, mentor-led work experience

Paid, mentor-led work experience

Employers will be paying you a MINIMUM of $20/hr and will assign you a dedicated mentor from within their organisation for the duration of the internship.

Foot in the door at top NZ companies

Foot in the door at top NZ companies

Network and build rapport with the most innovative companies in NZ by attending our bootcamps, hackfest and meet & greet events.

Free bootcamps to upskill

Free bootcamps to help you upskill

Sign up on our website to receive invitations to our bootcamps, designed and delivered by industry leaders, to help hone your technical and soft skills.



Summer of Tech is a not-for-profit, founded by a group of startups in Wellington’s Creative HQ in 2006 out of a growing need to access quality tech talent. Originally called Summer of Code, we changed the name in 2010 as demand from companies grew to encompass a broad range of technical and innovative skills. Summer of Tech remains an industry led initiative focussed on meeting the real needs of students and employers looking for growth. In 2014 we are launching our Auckland pilot as many of our loyal companies are based in both Wellington and Auckland. If you are a company or student based in a different region you are welcome to participate too, please contact us.

We wouldn’t be here without our dedicated sponsors and volunteers. We have some great sponsorship packages this year, please enquire if you’re interested – we always need more!


Ruth McDavitt

Ruth is the face of Summer of Tech and is highly connected in NZ’s tech community. Right now she is off exploring the wilderness of North America and will be back in action in November.

Pam Ward

Pam is the go-to person for all Wellington employers participating in the programme. Contact Pam about sponsorship packages for extra promo to attract the best talent.

Saskia Wallace

Saskia is managing the Auckland Summer of Tech pilot programme for 2014. She runs all NZ bootcamps and is the go-to person for students participating in the programme.

Cath Randall

Cath is that pleasantly familiar face from Grow Wellington who helps local companies source talent! In her hunt for quality talent Cath discovered Summer of Tech, you’ll find her spreading the word.


Thanks to all our sponsors and stakeholders, who make help make the Summer of Tech 2014 programme possible.


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